Hygiene concept

Safe through the pandemic

Hygiene concept

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As part of the corona pandemic, the hygiene plan of alerno GmbH is based on the school hygiene plan.

Every student at alerno GmbH currently has the opportunity to take part in e-learning. If the lesson is desired on site, the hygiene concept of alerno GmbH applies here


The novel coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person. The main route of transmission is droplet infection. This is mainly done directly through the mucous membranes of the airways. In addition, transmission is also possible indirectly via the hands, which are then brought into contact with the oral or nasal mucosa and the conjunctiva.

Main measures:

  • Stay home if you have respiratory symptoms.
  • Keep your distance (at least 1.50 m, better 2.00 m)
  • No touches, hugs and no handshakes
  • Wearing a mouth and nose cover is compulsory to minimize the risk of infection.

Hand hygiene:

  • The most important measure is regular and thorough hand washing with soap (see also https://www.infektionsschutz.de/haendewaschen/), especially after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing; after using public transport; after contact with banisters, door handles, grab handles etc., before and after eating; before putting on and after removing a protective mask, after going to the toilet;
  • Hand disinfection: Properly disinfecting your hands is especially useful when it is not possible to wash your hands thoroughly. To do this, a sufficient amount of disinfectant must be given into the dry hand and massaged into the hands for approx. 30 seconds until it is completely dry (see p. even aktion-sauchtehaende.de ).
  • Do not touch the face, especially the mucous membranes, with your hands, ie do not touch your mouth, eyes or nose.
  • If possible, do not touch publicly accessible objects such as doorknobs or elevator buttons with your full hand or fingers; use your elbows if necessary.
  • Etiquette for coughing and sneezing: Coughing and sneezing into the crook of your arm are among the most important preventive measures! When coughing or sneezing, keep the greatest possible distance, ideally turn away.
  • Please refrain from shaking hands.


  • Minimum distance of 1.50 m, better 2.00 m (i.e. place tables and chairs apart)
  • Entering and leaving the facility and the classrooms is organized with distance lines and the timing of the courses in such a way that there are no clusters in front of the doors.
  • Regular ventilation of the rooms (at least every 45 minutes)
  • A transparent partition will be installed in the administration office.


In contrast to cleaning, routine surface disinfection is not recommended by the RKI in the current COVID pandemic. Appropriate cleaning is completely sufficient here.

Tables, chairs, doorknobs and the sanitary area are cleaned and disinfected daily.


  • The students wait max. 5 minutes before the start of the lesson in a row with a minimum distance of 1.50 m, better 2.00 m in front of the entrance to the alerno location, until they are picked up by the teacher and led into the classroom.
  • After entering the entrance area, the teacher sprays the hands of each student with a hand disinfectant. When entering the alerno location, every person is obliged to wear a face mask. During the lessons, the students are obliged to remain in the designated places. The need to use the toilet must be reported to the teacher. This checks whether the hallway and toilet area are free before the student is allowed to visit them.
  • After the punctual completion of the lesson, the pupils are led out of the location in a row with a distance of at least 1.50 m from the teacher.

Rules at a glance:

  • Writing materials and drinks must be brought along and cannot be borrowed.
  • It is mandatory to wear mouth and nose protection when entering the alerno premises.
  • Please no shaking hands.
  • Distance regulation of 1.50 m, better 2.00 m
  • Disinfect hands when entering the alerno premises.
  • Refrain from accompanying your child to the alerno premises.

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Since Julian has been with alerno, the atmosphere at home has also relaxed again.

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I think it’s good that I can come for two hours every month for free. For example, before a job or something.

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I never thought I would ever enjoy math.

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