telc exam preparation

German courses for telc exam preparation

Mädchen mit Schild The telc exam preparation courses prepare the participants specifically for the various parts of the exam and familiarize them with the telc exam format.

The exam takes place after the course at alerno, we conduct it under license from telc gGmbH.

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    All courses are available as individual, group and e-learning courses.

    Preparation course TELC German certificate
    (12 units / 199.00 per participant: in)

    • targeted preparation on the different parts of the exam
    • Tips and Tricks are taught by our experienced lecturers in order to achieve an optimal test result
    • Learning in small groups (max. 6 participants) enables intensive preparation.
    • 12 teaching units, spread over three weeks (2 x 2 TU per week)

    Current offer: The alerno combination pack
    (Preparation course + TELC exam)

    Combine your exam preparation with a telc exam in a combipack!

    • A1 / A2 level: 279.00 (instead of 329.00)
    • B1 / B2 level: 299.00 (instead of 359.00)
    • C1 level: 319.00 (instead of 374.00)

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    * When you register, alerno guarantees that your intensive course will start after 8 weeks at the latest. However, if you register, intensive courses at alerno usually start after 2 to 4 weeks.

    ** One lesson = 45 minutes

    *** Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

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