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Avatar woman

Since Julian has been with alerno, the atmosphere at home has also relaxed again.

Susanne, 52, mother
Avatar boy

I think it’s good that I can come for two hours every month for free. For example, before a job or something.

Ole, 11, student
Avatar girl

I never thought I would ever enjoy math.

Alina, 15, schoolgirl
Avatar woman

We thought Jonas just didn’t like French. Now it has actually gotten better.

Ulrike, mother of a schoolboy
Avatar boy

Ms. Griesmeyer is always very nice to us.

Vincent, 8, student from Bremen
Avatar girl

I really enjoy French now.

Isabel, 16, schoolgirl
Avatar woman

My daughter did a primary school course at alerno and felt very comfortable there. She was ill for a long time and was able to catch up wonderfully here.

Maria, mother of a schoolgirl
Avatar boy

Before I came to alerno, I had a 4 in Spanish. Now I’m on a 2, my teacher said.

Elif, 11, student from Bremen
Avatar girl

Very good tutoring! The teachers are great and the site management is friendly and very helpful.

Melissa, 19, student from Bremen

The tuition at alerno is going great. We would do it again anytime.

Parents of a student

Everything here is very individual and flexible.

Jule, 15, student from Bremen
Avatar girl

I am very satisfied with my Latin teacher. She repeats everything to me very often and I can ask her anything.

Christin, 16, student from Bremen
Avatar woman

We can reschedule and swap appointments at any time. Eva feels good and likes to go to alerno.

Parents of a schoolgirl

We have had very good experiences here. So far we have found a solution for every problem together.

Parents of a student

The natural sciences are really difficult for me, but I like going to alerno and I’ve already learned a lot.

Jakob, 16th student from Bremen
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