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Why tutoring at alerno?

  • 1. Individual advice
  • In a personal meeting we will discuss your school situation.

    You will receive a free funding recommendation and decide whether you want to try out the tutoring at alerno for free .

  • 2. Qualified tutors
  • All tutors at alerno go through a strict selection process in which their ability to give tutoring is checked according to our quality standards .

  • 3. Motivation through mutual learning
  • Even in small group lessons (3-5 people) at alerno you will be instructed individually as in private lessons by your tutor: in. But learning alone is only half as fun as when you have an appointment with your study group to study. This motivates and leads to a greater willingness to learn.

  • 4. Flexible learning and additional help before classwork
  • The shoe pinches and you want to get better at school as soon as possible ? That works with alerno! For example, you can start with two to three tutoring appointments per week and reduce to one tutoring appointment per week in the following month. So that your class work is guaranteed to be a success, you can come to us for free tutoring once a month, for example before your class work .

Our tutoring offers

Whether tutoring in individual or group lessons. We have the right teaching solution for everyone in Bremen and around.

Since 2004 the name “Hollander” has stood for innovative educational offers in Bremen and the surrounding area.

alerno leads, as part of the Bremen Pass / Education and Participation, free tutoring in our own branches and in public partner schools.

As a certified Bremen company, alerno attaches great importance to high quality and individually designed funding.

As a regional, family-run education professional, “ Fun learning! ” in the foreground.

Bremen Pass / BuT

alerno supports schoolchildren with free tutoring via the Bremen Pass or education and participation.


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Erik + Gerrit Hollander alerno GmbH
Since 2004 the name Hollander has stood for innovative educational offers in Bremen and the surrounding area.
Gerrit + Erik Hollander
Founder and CEO

What our customers say

We look forward to praise but also to constructive criticism. Should something not go as intended, we will try our best to solve the problem.

Avatar woman

Since Julian has been with alerno, the atmosphere at home has also relaxed again.

Susanne, 52, mother
Avatar boy

I think it’s good that I can come for two hours every month for free. For example, before a job or something.

Ole, 11, student
Avatar girl

I never thought I would ever enjoy math.

Alina, 15, schoolgirl

Tutoring - all options and requirements at a glance

A lot of learning material is covered in class, and not every student finds it easy to understand and internalize everything well in the given time. Knowledge gaps and deficits quickly arise, which can also affect the rest of the school material. Tutoring is a good option to sustainably improve grades and reduce learning stress. At our locations in Bremen and around the world, we offer tutoring opportunities in our locations with an atmosphere that is happy to learn and dedicated tutors.
Through our partnerships with schools in Bremen, we have experience with the subject matter of the various classes and subjects (math, German, English, etc.), from elementary school to high school.

What does the tutoring look like?

In most cases, tutoring is structured in such a way that students are taught in small groups, which ideally consist of similar grades and the same subject. Depending on the individual needs of the students: work is carried out alongside the school material, existing gaps in knowledge are processed or learning material is repeated in order to consolidate it. Home exercises are also an effective study method. In addition to small study groups, there are also private tuition offers. Both group and individual lessons have their advantages and disadvantages, which should be considered when looking for suitable tutoring.

Advantages of group tutoring

Student with globe - alerno tuition Small groups often motivate each other during tutoring, and the atmosphere is often relaxed and pleasant. They usually consist of three to five tutors, so that there is enough time and attention for everyone. It is not uncommon for friendships to develop in the group, because tutoring also unites. After all, the participants are often confronted with similar problems and challenges in everyday school life and, last but not least, find understanding among their classmates for their concerns. The group tutoring therefore often means less stress for the tutoring students: inside and a place where you can make mistakes in order to learn from them together.
Especially in subjects such as mathematics, where the same problems usually arise, you can achieve significantly better results with group tutoring.
Another advantage is that group tuition is usually the cheaper alternative to individual tuition. The tutoring lessons usually last longer, which means that the tutoring students have more time to complete their tasks.

Advantages of one-to-one tuition

Student with pen - alerno tuition One-to-one tuition, on the other hand, is particularly suitable if profound knowledge gaps are to be worked on in a comparatively short time or if the level of knowledge is not yet sufficient to take part in group lessons. One-to-one tuition is also ideal for those children and young people who are very shy and do not feel comfortable in a group or who need a very quiet environment in order to be able to concentrate. For private tuition students with special challenges, such as ADHD, one-to-one tuition can also be the better choice, as this way their needs can be better addressed and they do not have to subordinate themselves to the group. Another advantage is that the tutors enjoy the full attention of their tutors, which can be particularly useful when preparing for exams.

What distinguishes a good tutor: in?

In contrast to the teachers at the schools, a tutor has more time to address the individual needs of the students. Often tutors are students who often find good access to the children and young people, not just because of their age. Retired teachers or committed laypersons can also be found in the group of tutors and can convey the joy of learning in tutoring with a great deal of specialist knowledge and interpersonal skills.
A good teacher can explain complicated issues in an understandable way and has a lot of patience. Especially in the tutoring lessons, it is important that the children and young people are not afraid to ask questions and say something if they have not yet understood something. This not only increases their wealth of knowledge, but also increases their self-confidence through the tutoring.

Which subjects are taught?

In most cases, tutoring institutes offer at least lessons in the main subjects German, English and mathematics. Often times, other subjects such as French, Spanish, physics, chemistry, biology and history are also taught. The offer is often based on the teachers available and the focus of the tutoring institute.

Online tutoring or on-site, which is better?

Students with circles - alerno tuition Many tutoring institutes now offer not only traditional lessons or home visits, but also the option of completing tutoring lessons online. There are some advantages to this, but it also has its disadvantages.
The advantages include that the lessons can be designed very flexibly and numerous multimedia learning options can be used, making them even more appealing and varied. Participation in the online tutoring lessons is possible from anywhere, which saves a lot of distance, which in turn saves time and money. In addition, online lessons enable participation in more remote locations and often offer a broader range of subjects, as the teacher is not tied to a specific location either. The use of digital technology is encouraged and all work materials are at hand.
The big disadvantage of this type of tutoring is that it allows the children and young people to spend even more time in front of the screen. It is also harder for the tutors to understand whether the participants are really still busy with the tasks or use the technology for other purposes. Another problem can be that you usually have to use your own devices, whoever does not have them is disadvantaged. Online tutoring is certainly not the ideal solution for everyone, but a competent tutoring institute will also be available to advise and usually allow a free trial lesson.
A “hybrid model” such as online tuition with regular “on-site tuition” also makes sense and is offered by us. The best of “both worlds” is combined here for tutoring.

How long does it take for grades to improve?

In general it is not possible to say how much time is needed in the tutoring to achieve a visible improvement, as it depends on many factors. On the one hand, this is the need to catch up. Does the child only have difficulties with certain topics, does it not get along with a teacher or is almost completely missing the basics? Depending on how much material has to be worked on, it of course takes a correspondingly long time for lasting improvements to be seen through the tutoring.

Another point is the student’s personal commitment. Is he / she motivated to learn and also work on topics that have been dealt with independently at home? Does he / she ask if something is still unclear? Or are there actually other interests in life and the student: he only goes to tutoring because the parents want him to?

The personal attitude and willingness to learn makes a big difference.

Furthermore, if possible, it should also be clarified whether other factors impair the learning success. For example, bullying can play a big role, but health and the learning environment are also important. Getting enough sleep, healthy food, plenty of water and a healthy amount of exercise can sometimes make a big difference. If you add a well-structured workplace, you have already gained a lot. Some children and adolescents also have special needs and phases of concentration of different lengths. All people are different, so a group of twenty to thirty students would hardly be expected to achieve the same results under the same conditions. This, in turn, is one of the strengths of tutoring, which is very good at recognizing and responding to individual needs.
If all the factors are in place, success can be achieved very quickly. If the tutor sees himself: However, if he is faced with greater challenges or is unwilling to study, it may take some time for the grades to improve. Competent tutoring institutes will be happy to advise you on how to achieve the best possible success outside of the classroom. Before deciding on tutoring, however, you should be aware that the children and their parents always make up a large part of the success, and problems can only be solved if everyone pulls together.

Tuition conclusion

No matter how big or small the student’s challenges are, tutoring is a flexible solution that can respond very well to individual needs. It usually covers a wide range of subjects and opportunities to participate, so that the right solution can be found for everyone. The lessons are characterized by the fact that the individual children and young people are given a lot of time and patience. Competent tutoring institutes are happy to provide advice and have teachers who motivate and trust.

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