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English tutoring at alerno

Having fun learning English

English tutoring for children - alerno tutoringWith alerno, your child’s English language skills will be consolidated and further developed. In addition, every child is trained to prepare for exams and exams on their own. in the Individual or group lessons at alerno, the difficulties of the English language will gradually disappear. For school leavers, it is particularly important to us that they start their job or study with very good English. Our trained learning coaches actively support all students in learning English in a pleasant and suitable working environment. With our tutoring your child is ideally prepared for the next exam! Simply decide on one of our 11 alerno locations in Bremen, Bremerhaven, Delmenhorst and Rotenburg ad Wümme in your area and come by for a non-binding consultation.

Useful information about tutoring in English

Tuition in English can be a blessing for many students, because learning languages can be challenging. With expert and sensitive support from a good tutor, however, these can be mastered successfully, so that the student regains the joy of the language and makes good learning progress.

Why is it important to have a good command of English?

Even in times of automatic translation programs, it makes sense to have at least a basic command of English. Not only that English skills are often required at work and at university, they also open the door to other areas of life. After all, you don’t learn English for school, but for life.

While on vacation abroad, it is helpful to be able to make yourself understood. Exchanging ideas with like-minded people from all over the world about your favorite hobby can be just as fulfilling as watching films and reading books that are not yet available in German. Infinite treasures of knowledge are available which are written in the English language. Many international friendships arise because communication is possible. Songs are twice as beautiful when you understand the lyrics. This list could go on for a long time, since English is simply a universal language. Good English skills are the key to the world.

The challenges of language learning

Basically, learning languages is the easiest thing in the world – when we are surrounded by them. Anyone who has already been in a foreign-language country for a long time will certainly have noticed how more and more words get stuck in the memory without actively learning them. This is how children learn their mother tongue too.

In school lessons, however, language learning is different, the theory is in the foreground here. Practicing vocabulary sorted by subject area and learning grammar take up a large part of the class, listening and free speaking are comparatively rare, and the possible speaking situations are also limited. Many students find it difficult to put theory into practice. On the one hand, there are problems with understanding the rules, and on the other hand, the fact that a language cannot be translated one-to-one and that the order of the sentences and the use of language often deviate from one’s own mother tongue. Pronunciation and understanding of the language are also not always easy for many students. With the various difficulties, students quickly lose the joy of learning a language, and self-confidence is also often damaged. In such cases, tutoring can be of great help.

Who is English tutoring suitable for?

Student with brush and pen - alerno tuition English tutoring is basically suitable for all students who have difficulties in the classroom in the subject. Depending on where these are and how pronounced they are, a consultation can clarify whether individual or group lessons are most suitable. A group, for example, has the advantage that speaking freely among each other can be practiced. This is a very valuable advantage of tutoring, because the small groups offer a safe place where mistakes can be made. The fear of making mistakes can inhibit the learning process. A good tutor is anxious to take away the fear of the students and to give them pleasure in the language, true to the motto nobody is perfect.

Group lessons in English have other advantages as well. Learning together makes it even easier to consolidate vocabulary and learn new ones. The students see that they are not alone with their difficulties.

After all, the pupils also carry the newly or regained self-confidence with their school lessons, which can also have a positive effect on other subjects. In addition to pure knowledge, the tutoring also teaches learning strategies that can show their effects beyond the actual subject.

If a student has very large deficits, very little self-confidence, special challenges or starts tutoring at a very early stage, one-to-one tuition is particularly recommended. This is where the student’s personal needs can be addressed particularly well.

Course of the English tutoring

Student with globe - alerno tuition Depending on the level of knowledge of the students and their respective priorities, the lessons are individually adapted. He can orientate himself on the current school material, which is gone through again calmly. The tutor explains everything that the student has not yet understood and then gives him tasks related to the topic. Finally, he corrects these and, if necessary, explains again everything that was unclear to the student. Tutoring with a focus on homework support is also possible. In this case, the student does his homework with the support of his tutor, who can then correct possible mistakes and answer questions about understanding.

However, long-term gaps in knowledge of English can also be worked through in tutoring. Regardless of the school material, topics are repeated that are fundamental to understanding, such as the tenses, sentence structure or the If clauses. For many students, the knot bursts quickly with briefly summarized explanations and clear tasks.

In some cases it is also necessary to create a solid vocabulary base first. Here, too, the tutor has numerous opportunities to adequately support his students and to help them achieve good learning success in school lessons in the long term.

The individual exercises are based on the student’s learning objective and can be designed in a variety of ways. In addition to worksheets, discussion groups, numerous learning aids and learning games, multimedia applications are also being used more and more.

Many tutoring institutes offer specially designed exercises that explain English grammar easily and comprehensibly or help to expand the vocabulary with ease. In addition to the material that is used in the tutoring lessons, some providers also offer additional materials or online resources to encourage and support the students beyond that.

What qualifications does an English tutor have?

Many tutors are students who study the language in depth and encounter it regularly in everyday life. Often they have even spent some time in English-speaking countries. There are also some native speakers among the tutors.

In addition to linguistic qualifications, English tutors primarily enjoy the language. You can often teach from a completely different point of view that is not just curriculum-based. In addition, of course, they also have the necessary didactic and pedagogical knowledge.

Conclusion on English tuition

English skills are very important and helpful in countless different areas of life these days. However, learning the language in school is difficult for many. In addition to school performance, motivation, self-confidence and the joy of learning often decrease. English tuition can provide support in a variety of ways, not only so that the performance is improved again, but also so that the students can rediscover the joy of learning and acquire good English skills that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

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Since joining alerno, my daughter has not only improved in English, but also in all other subjects. In addition, she has become much more independent.

Barbara, mother of a schoolgirl
Avatar boy

Before I thought languages were really stupid, but learning English is really cool at alerno.

Noel, 13, a student from Bremen
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My teacher is really nice and shows me a lot. I hope that I can study in England one day.

Michelle, 14, student from Bremen
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