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German tutoring at alerno

Having fun learning German

Learning German is easy with alerno. No matter if in Individual or group lessons , at alerno your child will receive individual support. Dictations, spelling and analyzes are prepared and made understandable by our professional tutors in an age-appropriate manner. German as a linguistic basis is to us as Public School Partners particularly important. When learning German with alerno, your child trains not only the content but also their own self-confidence. With the alerno German tutoring, your child is ideally prepared for the next exam! Just choose one of our 11 alerno locations in Bremen, Bremerhaven, Delmenhorst and Rotenburg ad Wümme that is closest to your home.

Tutoring in German ensures better grades and increases the student’s self-confidence.
The German lessons pose great challenges for many students in every class, where often the parents cannot help either. However, a lot can be achieved with a competent tutor by your side.

What are the difficulties in learning German?

The difficulties in German lessons can be very diverse. While native speakers usually have a good command of the spoken language, the many grammar rules and, above all, the spelling cause major problems in many cases.

German grammar is quite complex; in addition to tenses, the focus in the lessons is initially on types of sentences, parts of sentences, the four cases and punctuation. The passive, subjunctive and conjunctive clauses are also a headache for not a few students. With these topics, the main difficulties lie in learning and applying or implementing the rules. Later, more and more transfer thinking, recognizing and explaining facts as well as analyzing and interpreting will be asked. Those who have got along well with learning and implementing rules sometimes reach their limits here, because in addition to actually understanding the text, analyzing presents the students with completely different challenges. Motivation and interest are important to master this, but that is not always enough. Anyone who has the proverbial board in front of their head is quickly left behind in class and not only loses the joy of the topic, but often also a little self-confidence. In the worst case, this can lead to a vicious circle that also affects other subjects. The consequences can also show up outside of school.

Some students also suffer from attention problems or learning disabilities. If these are recognized too late or not at all, or if they are not dealt with accordingly, it often leads to even greater problems and even resignation. In such cases, the teachers and parents in particular are asked to take appropriate measures to provide the student with adequate support. But here, too, appropriately coordinated tutoring can be very useful.
Pupils whose mother tongue is other than German are faced with completely different problems. In addition to the challenges mentioned, the students often still have to learn pronunciation and vocabulary, and in some cases cannot yet communicate their problems properly. Then there is also the fact that they first have to find their way in a foreign culture, puts a lot of weight on the little shoulders .

For whom is German tutoring suitable?

Tutoring in German is suitable for all students who have difficulties in this subject, be it that they do not understand the material, suffer from learning difficulties, are not native speakers or need support for other reasons. Depending on the individual needs of the student should be in a Consultation will clarify whether individual or group lessons are preferable and how many hours per week are necessary to make sufficient progress. If there is a lot of catching up to do, if the student does not speak German very well or if he has difficulty concentrating, one-to-one tuition is an option. In this way, the tutor can fully cater to the needs of the student, adjust the learning pace and also teach the basics of the language.

If there are predominantly problems with the school material itself, group lessons have the great advantage that learning together often has a motivating effect. Small groups usually offer an ideal learning climate, where each student receives enough individual attention from the tutor, but he is not the focus of the tutor all the time. He can also exchange ideas with his classmates. In groups with the same learning objective, the school material can even be worked on together, which has a positive effect for many students. Ultimately, however, it should always be clarified individually which approach is best suited for the individual student.

What do you do in tutoring?

The course of the tutoring is varied depending on the level of knowledge and requirements of the student. As a rule, work is either carried out during the course or existing gaps in knowledge from previous topics are closed. Worksheets are a good way to work out grammar, while spelling is also practiced on the basis of these, but also with dictations and self-written texts. Here, too, the plan is based on the needs and requirements of the student as well as his or her individual learning goal.

In group lessons it is also possible to work on topics together, which is particularly useful for dictations or discussions.

When can I start tutoring German?

Tutoring is possible for every grade level. Most students start tutoring around the middle of their school career, but there are also many elementary school students who need support in the first or second grade. Especially when a child has problems in primary school, it is important that they receive professional support and that possible learning difficulties are recognized in good time. In elementary school, the foundations for the further school career are finally laid, on which everything is based and which the child will always fall back on.

Just as it can’t be too early to start tutoring, it can’t be too late either. Many students only seek support when things “get serious” and crucial exams are pending. Even if it is generally advisable to start tutoring in good time, the lessons can still be of decisive advantage even in such cases.

How long does it take for the grades to improve?

It is very individual how much tutoring is necessary until a result is also shown on the certificate. In the case of minor problems, the first successes can often be seen quite soon. However, if there are general learning difficulties, for example, or if the knowledge gaps are very large, it can take longer before lasting success is seen. Above all, it is important that the student is willing to improve his or her academic performance. Ideally, he should also get support from his parents at home and work outside of class on the topics that are causing him the greatest difficulty.
If the student suffers from attention disorder or learning difficulties, consideration should also be given to seeking help at other levels. Workplace design, diet, adequate exercise and mental health can all play an important role in school success.

What qualifications do the tutors have?

Many tutors are students who often study the subject in which they are tutoring, with the aim of becoming a teacher one day. Since they are not long out of school themselves, they can understand the problems and challenges of the students well and provide assistance accordingly. Retired teachers also often give tutoring and can benefit from their wealth of experience. Some tutors also have special additional qualifications, for example to support children with learning difficulties.

German tuition conclusion

German lessons are full of challenges that are different in every class. From basic grammar to Goethe, he repeatedly confronts students with new tasks that need to be mastered. However, not every student is able to do this on their own. Tutoring in German can provide valuable support in such a case. Whether you have knowledge gaps, learning difficulties or German as a foreign language, tutors can assist the students individually and actively support them on their way to school success in the subject of German.

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Friends told us about alerno and that made us curious. Not only has the German grade improved, but also his confidence in himself.

Jochen, 48, father of a schoolboy
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Germany is not my home. In the beginning I found learning German difficult. When I started at alerno, things got a lot better.

Danyal, 14, student from Bremen
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Last week I had a driving lesson and canceled my tutoring shortly before. That wasn’t a problem. I was then able to come to alerno two days later.

Irina, 17, student from Bremen
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