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Math tutoring at alerno

Opinions are divided on the subject of mathematics. For some it is the unbeaten favorite subject, others cannot do maths and struggle with mathematics during their school career. It’s not for nothing that math is the undisputed number 1 tutoring subject.

Problems with math in school also make themselves felt in the later life of the students. Math knowledge gaps are also a big problem in many apprenticeships and courses. Whether the rule of three, fractions, geometry, percentages, etc., many types of math are indispensable in various areas of life.

Counteract this with math tutoring in good time

When it is clear that there is a need for tutoring, our dedicated tutors come into play. We teach the students at our locations mainly in small groups. Here the children not only have the support of qualified tutors but also a pleasant attitude through the presence of old and new friends during the tutoring. Tutoring here does not only mean “plowing” but also that the students find the fun of learning again. This is where the right teacher can be the key to success.

As soon as the student has understood and internalized the principles of arithmetic, the good grades come almost by themselves.

Mathematics in the grades / grade levels

Mathematics is one of the compulsory subjects in schools and is therefore of great importance for your child’s school career. Math is also of great importance for the child’s later life.

Here the understanding of numbers and formulas is developed, which is also of great importance in professional life.

Math in elementary school

In elementary school, math is learned through play. It is linked to known everyday experiences of the children and thus a basic feeling for numbers and quantities is created.

Here the basic arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are learned, on which all later mathematical requirements are based.

Understanding and mastering the basic arithmetic operations largely relies on practice and repetition. Here the saying “Practice makes perfect” actually applies to deepen the basic understanding of mathematics.

Math in secondary schools

In the secondary schools, the knowledge of the elementary school is seamlessly linked. The knowledge is deepened and gradually expanded. This is basically about the geometric imagination, the calculation with whole rational or negative numbers and the understanding of mathematics in the everyday life of children.

In the later grades it is about the understanding of functions and derivation rules, probability calculation and the use of electronic aids (e.g. pocket calculator) to solve mathematical issues.

Having fun learning math

At alerno, math is made easy to understand. Our qualified learning coaches support your child in individual or group lessons in a pleasant learning atmosphere and deal intensively with incomprehensible math content and learning gaps. When Public School Partners at alerno we know exactly how to properly motivate and encourage our students. Your child will quickly find confidence in themselves and can improve their math grade in a targeted manner. With our professional alerno tutoring, your child is well prepared for every exam! Simply choose one of our 11 alerno locations in Bremen, Bremerhaven, Delmenhorst and Rotenburg ad Wümme and come by for a non-binding consultation.

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Since Julian has been with alerno, the atmosphere at home has also relaxed again.

Susanne, 52, mother
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I think it’s good that I can come for two hours every month for free. For example, before a job or something.

Ole, 11, student
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I never thought I would ever enjoy math.

Alina, 15, schoolgirl
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