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A bad math grade can drive students to despair.
Our math tutors help here individually so that math becomes very easy again.

German is the prerequisite for a successful school career and just as essential for your future career. Our tutors help with problems and support specifically and individually.

Tutoring in English should be used as soon as possible if there are problems, otherwise gaps in basic vocabulary and grammar will continue to grow and become difficult to catch up.
Our English tuition promotes the students: inside individually and thus makes the foreign language fun again.

In our French tutoring there is no such thing as dry vocabulary. We introduce the students to the country and its people, build up the basic vocabulary and encourage fun with the language. Deficits are dealt with individually.

Problems with Spanish?
Our tutors help with problems with comprehension, basic vocabulary or grammar and develop individual support to restore school success and thus enjoyment of the language.

Even a complicated language like Latin can be fun with the right tutoring. In small groups, the students strengthen each other, develop self-confidence again and receive individual support from our tutors.

With the biology tutoring at alerno, we bring back the fun of biology.
Each child is supported individually and learning deficits are discovered and dealt with.
In small groups, fun in the subject is kindled and strengthened in a playful way.

Tutoring in chemistry helps if the child has lost the fun in chemistry or does not understand the basics properly.
This is where our tutors help: individually and determine the learning deficits, which are then worked through in small groups.

Accounting is a difficult subject for many vocational school students because it has no practical relevance.
Our tutors build up basic knowledge and continuously develop knowledge and skills.

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